Workshop - Healthy sweet snacks (raw Food)
Having a healthy, plant-based (vegan) lifestyle does not mean
you can’t have sweet snacks. This is a workshop/training
where we will prepare two simple sweet snacks together
which are also healthy for our bodies.

Workshop – Healthy breakfast
The breakfast is the most important meal of the day for many
different reasons. In this workshop I’ll tell you why it is so
important to start the day with a good breakfast, as well as
give you advise on how to combine a healthy breakfast.
Together, we will also prepare two breakfast options to give
the body the best start of a new day.

Workshop – Healthy lunch
Because of our stressful everyday life, a lunch often needs to
be cooked fast. In this workshop we will prepare a lunch
together that will be quick to prepare and, of course, healthy
and plant-based (vegan). I will also go through how to think
when choosing ingredients and give some tips on how to
easily keep a healthy lifestyle during stressful periods.

Workshop – Course for parents
How do you motivate your children to eat more fruit and
vegetables? In this workshop I share some different techniques
and strategies to make children eat more fruit and vegetables. I
also give advise on what to think about when choosing
ingredients. Together we will cook a healthy, plant-based
(vegan) meal that suits the whole family.

Workshop – Food fun with kids
It is very important that children have a good relationship with
food from an early age. This is because the food eaten during
the childhood years will grossly affect life during ones adult
years. In this workshop I will work with the kids to create a
fun and educational meal.